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21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet The challenge is to be 21 days eating only real food, without eating processed products.

The challenge can change your daily habits to improve your health and bring more energy to your life.

Join our challenge and you will receive every week new healthy recipes, tips and a planning of new menus and exercises that you can incorporate to your challenge.

Why do this challenge?
To detoxify your organism
Add new healthy habits to your diet
Add daily and easy physical activities that lead to better health

Our challenge includes:
Daily food suggestions with free tips and recipes that you can eat every day
Exercises and recommended daily activities
Work schedule (to record, meals, exercises and changes that you are making on a daily basis with our challenge)


You will be improving your health
The challenge makes you aware of what you eat
Thanks to repetition, the habit is created
Your body can change.
You will get used to the most natural food
You develop skills, such as learning to cook, learn to organize and plan.
You spread to those around you
You show that you are stronger than you thought


  1. Write your goals in our quadrant and with the evidence in a visible place, Start with a simple exercise routine, for example go for a walk
  2. Eliminate the sources of liquid calories, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, replace them with water, green tea and natural juices
  3. Template to write what you eat (without forgetting anything)
  4. Make your day of exercises increasing the time and intensity of them
  5. Change from 3 large meals to 6 small ones, each day adding fruit, vegetables and proteins in all meals
  6. Make a shopping list with healthy foods and go shopping with a full stomach, with a sated appetite
  7. Weigh yourself and write down on a table how you are progressing in your challenge
  8. Choose an activity to do 3 times a week, it can be a sport, a dance class or just keep walking longer or with greater intensity
  9. Always plan the next week’s menu
  10. Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet than you have ever eaten or eliminated from your diet
  11. Make sure you are drinking enough water, about 8 glasses (2 liters of water per day approx)
  12. Pay attention to the amount of fiber you consume per day, it is recommended at least 35gr, if you do not reach this figure, consume some almonds (also these will help you control your appetite)

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

21 Day Fix Spreadsheet

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Download the Progress Table and meals

1-The basis of the diet is the vegetable and fruit (Harvard Healthy Plate)

2-Limit the sugar you add to meals.

Referring to free sugar (table sugar or sucrose). It does not apply to fruits (they contain fructose which is also a sugar). They are empty calories (they only provide energy). When introducing sugar, you displace other, healthier foods. Sugar is related to overweight, obesity, diabetes, cavities …

3-Accustom your palate to the natural flavors of food, the use of sweeteners is safe (in relation to cancer) but it does not mean that they are harmless (they produce alterations in the intestinal microbiota and also accustom the palate to sweet taste so there is no education of it). The Stevia that we buy actually contains a small proportion of that plant (contains a glucoside). Its commercialization as a plant is not allowed

4-Stay away from light / zero / reduced content in … the term light means that it contains 30% less X ingredients than the reference product. Halo effect, the inclusion of a food considered healthy in a certain food can mask the less healthy character of the other components (salads with sauce, sausages, croutons …) Overcompensation of calories occurs.

For example: “As I ordered a light coke I can afford to eat the biggest hamburger and a maxi dessert ice cream”

5-Flee ultra-processed foods, eye, not all processed foods are bad, 100% whole-grain breads; canned, dried or frozen legumes; flours of legumes or dried fruits; whole or pulped pasta, fruit and vegetables packed, cut and frozen; cut, packaged and frozen fish; minced or frozen meat (without additives); nuts and seeds peeled, raw and toasted; milk; yogurt; EVOO, cheese (not grated), chocolate 85% cocoa.

6-More market and less supermarket

7- Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables and local producers (if possible) if possible

8- Do not count calories. The nutritional quality of the food is more important than the calories consumed

9-It is not necessary to make 5 meals a day. Better to be guided by appetite and thirst

10- It is not necessary to eat breakfast daily, but if you do, make it a healthy breakfast, without ultra-processed products rich in sugar and unhealthy fat. Healthy cereals, whole oats, weetabix and cornflakes

11-Read the labels of the food to identify the bad ones processed. Do not look only at the nutritional table, but also at the ingredients.

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