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Best Spreadsheet For Mac

Best Spreadsheet For Mac – In most cases, user spreadsheets are presented without any particular formatting : the default formatting options are relevant enough that it is not necessary to worry about them.

However, using the many options offered by spreadsheets (fonts, colours, alignments, presentation of titles) helps to enhance the interest and readability of the data.

As already mentioned, it is necessary to distinguish the formatting of the cells (choice of fonts, color, borders, alignment, etc.) from the formatting of the data, which defines how the dates and numbers of the spreadsheet are displayed.

Fast shaping

Most formatting changes are made using the formatting toolbar. Its appearance may vary from spreadsheet to spreadsheet. We present here the Calc.

Best Spreadsheet For Mac

Best Spreadsheet For Mac

Best Spreadsheet For Mac

However, it generally offers buttons to play on the following elements: :

  • Font: select the font to apply to the selected cell range.
  • Font size: character size (in dots) for selected cells.
  • Bold: flip button applying or deleting the bold for the selected range.
  • Italic: flip button applying or deleting italic for the selected range.
  • Underlined: flip button applying or deleting the underlined style for the selected range.
  • Align to the left: align to the left the content of the selected cells (default for text).
  • Center: Center the content of the selected cells. Mostly used for titles and column labels.
  • Align to the right: align to the right the contents of the selected cells (default value for numbers).
  • Merge and center: center the data on a single cell spanning several columns. Mainly used for the presentation of titles.
  • Borders : places a border around the selection.
  • Background color: sets the background color of the selection.
  • Character color: sets the color of the content of the selection.

The other buttons on the formatting toolbar concern the formatting of numbers. Their effect goes beyond a simple modification of the appearance of the selected content.

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