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Business Mileage Spreadsheet

Business Mileage Spreadsheet– Numbers: manage spreadsheets on your mobile

Of the most innovative spreadsheet applications that have been currently designed for iOS devices, perhaps the one that stands out the most is Numbers (which we have already talked about in other posts), for its variety of tools and power when managing this type of files We are going to analyze more in depth some of its main functions:

Business Mileage Spreadsheet

Business Mileage Spreadsheet

Business Mileage Spreadsheet

Possibility to choose between the up to 16 templates that the Apple-designed app has, such as Budget, Trip Planner and Race Record.
View and edit files from Numbers’09, Microsoft Excel and CSV files. We will also have the option to easily consult files from Mail, Internet, a WebDAV service or from your Mac or PC using the iTunes File Sharing function.
With iCloud we can continue editing our spreadsheet at the same point where we leave it on another iOS device.
If we drag and drop files from Numbers ’09, Excel or CSV files from our Mac or PC to icloud.com, they will automatically appear on our iOS devices.
In addition, with Numbers we will edit and apply format to our professional information:

We will organize our data with very useful tables and graphs so that they look more visual.
We will have an intelligent keyboard designed to enter elements such as numbers, dates, text, durations or formulas.
We will design formulas with more than 250 functions that have integrated help if necessary.
We will make a form from any table with headers where we would include the data at the appropriate pace according to the progress.
With the help of regulators, sequencers and local menus we will enter the data and explore the results more easily.
We will introduce photos and videos from the Photos app with the help of the multimedia viewer.
Every time we make a change, Numbers will automatically save it to us in your spreadsheets.
Even if we have closed the spreadsheet with the help of the “Undo” option we will return to the previous version.

Numbers also helps us share our work:

To share our work we will export it as a Numbers ’09, Microsoft Excel or PDF file and through Mail we will send it. If not, we also have the option to publish the spreadsheets on the iWork.com public beta service to be shared with anyone who uses a Mac or PC.
Through the print preview function we will adjust how a sheet consisting of several pages should be printed. Although we can also use the self-adjustment option.
Thanks to AirPrint we can send our work to any wireless printer.
To copy spreadsheets in a WebDAV service or directly on your Mac or PC we can do it with the help of the command “Share iTunes Files”.

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