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College Comparison Spreadsheet

College Comparison Spreadsheet – For many students, trying to figure out where they lack to put in to university is a disheartening task. After all, in attendance is a lot of in order to deliberate beyond whether their major is available.

If your student is like most, they should to take a hard stare at everything the school has to offer, pardon? it bidding cost to attend, and their odds of creature accepted. This is markedly true if your student has a partial quantity of cash to expend on application fees, making it a priority that they compel to smart choices commencing the beginning.

Luckily, it is possible to encourage a solution that can function as a institution contrast spreadsheet outline this year and for years to come, should they have to to return to their options or austerely want to pass it losing to a younger sibling.

Here’s everything your student needs to do to create an enviable college search organizer.

College Comparison Spreadsheet

College Comparison Spreadsheet

College Comparison Spreadsheet


If your student requests a robust college setting up spreadsheet, they requirement to chase the right information. the whole thing starting the mass and site of the school to admission requirements to expenditure is worth listing if they be after to turn out a comparison.

By focusing on being organized on or after the beginning, your undergraduate will have an easier time collecting the data. Then, once it comes time to make a university decision, they will grasp all of the critical information presented in one place.


When it comes to creating a great college search spreadsheet, it’s all about choosing the right columns. These are headers that identify the kind of data will be in the cells, making sure every note is in its proper place.


Any college worksheet worth its salt is going to begin with the following columns:

  • School Name
  • Type (Public or Private)
  • Geographic Region
  • State
  • City
  • Student Body Size
  • Full-Time Undergrad Students

This reflects basic data about the school itself, making it critical for any college comparison.


Trying to choose a college is a daunting task. Here’s how to create the ultimate college comparison spreadsheet to make the college selection process easier.Next, your student should include details regarding certain admissions requirements and data to help them determine whether they can land merit-based scholarships from a particular school. Here are a few to add:

  • SAT/ACT Requirements
  • Top 25% on Test Scores
  • Average High School GPA for Incoming Freshman
  • Percentage of Freshman without Need Receiving Merit Aid
  • Average Merit Award for Freshman without Financial Need

The AT/ACT requirement and high school GPA information allow your student to consider their odds of acceptance along with how stringent the school is overall.

The other details make comparing their chances of getting merit-based aid easier, including if there is no financial need. For example, if your student is in the top 25th percentile, they are much more likely to receive merit aid money.


Then, your student should add columns for certain financial aspects of selecting a specific school, including:

  • Total Cost (Tuition, Room and Board, Supplies, etc.)
  • Average Percent of Need Met
  • Average Undergraduate Financial Aid Package
  • Average Undergraduate Need-Based Award
  • These columns help your student compare the financial aspects of selecting a school without factoring in merit-based financial aid.

Since your student may not know in advance if they’ll receive merit-based awards, being able to use a college comparison spreadsheet to examine the percentage of need met and averages about financial aid packages and need-based awards can help them decide where to apply.


Finally, your student should add a few extra columns based on what’s important to them. One can be a “personal school rating score,” a reflection of their gut feeling about whether they would like to attend college there.

However, they should feel free to define a few personal measures as well, such as whether certain amenities are available, to examine points they value. If they score multiple criteria, they can also add an extra column that calculates an average, to make comparison simpler.

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