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Employee Turnover Spreadsheet

Employee Turnover Spreadsheet– How to Calculate Personnel Rotation?

The Personnel Rotation Index (IRP) is determined by the number of workers who join and leave an organization without considering those who do so in an inevitable manner such as retired or deceased, over the total number of average people of that company in a certain period of time.


: Number of people hired during the period considered

: Unlinked persons during the same period

: Number of existing workers at the beginning of the period considered

: Number of workers at the end of the period.

I have this process simplified in an Excel sheet, if you want the file to comment and send me an invitation (friend request) with the message “I request an IRP File” to be able to attend them. Shipping has no cost.

I leave a print of the process executed with this tool.

Employee Turnover Spreadsheet

Employee Turnover Spreadsheet

Employee Turnover Spreadsheet

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