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Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software– In addition to Excel: the 8 best program options to make spreadsheets

Did you know that there are other optimal options to make spreadsheets and not just Microsoft Excel? Workana now shows you 8 of those alternatives! Check out!

From simple household budget spreadsheets to the most elaborate of large offices, Excel is one of the most popular programs in the world. To give you an idea of ​​how much, think that it is used by approximately 750 million people.

Excel is part of the Microsoft Office package, the program is famous for assisting in the creation of spreadsheets – basic or advanced, as well as allowing users to make several executions and use the same spreadsheet for the necessary time.

Although it is very famous and recommended for teams in a company or to speed up work with freelancers, it is not free. In the same way, the Office package itself also needs an annual subscription so that the user can make use of the included programs.

Now, and something you might not know, is that although Excel is the most popular and most used in the world, there are alternatives. These are optimal programs that also help organize data in spreadsheets in a practical and easy way. And they can also work perfectly when you need to work and organize with your team of regular freelancers.

If you think you could optimally use a spreadsheet system other than Excel, or you still don’t have the means to pay for one, check out our list of 8 alternatives.

And the best part … some of them are totally free! Look!

Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software

Example Of Spreadsheet Software

The 8 best alternatives to Excel to make spreadsheets
1. Google spreadsheets

Our first recommended option is easily accessible: If you have a Gmail account, you already have access to Google Sheets.

Google spreadsheets, a competitor similar to Excel in both layout and resources, brings some benefits that Excel does not have, which we will list below.

The first one is that your files in Google spreadsheets are stored in the cloud; that is to say: your business does not run the risk of losing some data out there.

Here at Workana, for example, our team uses online templates as a way of organizing work. Our professionals, distributed in different countries of Latin America, have access to the same file with ease, and we can use the same forms both for those who are far away and for the professionals in our office.

Second, you can share your spreadsheets with anyone in Slack or Trello, for example. Or even make editions simultaneously, allowing optimal collaboration and teamwork in projects.

In addition, it still has tools such as Google Translator, GoFinance and the “import feed” functions, which allow data to be extracted directly from the URLs of the website.

In addition: Cost savings when working with freelancers.

2. ThinkFree

The motto of ThinkFree is to offer a virtual office for the modern professional. With two months of free evaluation (and the company version at a cost of $ 79.99), ThinkFree offers three main resources: Write, Calc and Show.

The alternative that resembles Excel is Calc, which allows you to create spreadsheets and presentations, in addition to providing 1GB of free online storage.

And, like Google spreadsheets, you can also access the file at the same time as other members of your team.

Another great feature is the fact that you can access your mobile device forms, such as smartphones.

3. Numbers

Another free option, but only for Mac users. This program is basically the Apple version for Excel.

Numbers provides high quality data analysis and reporting functions, as well as many visual tools. On the other hand, they make it clear that beauty is fundamental here. There are no fixed dials, and the user has the freedom to organize the data in their own way.

You can direct, draw, apply various borders and styles to the tables. And if you don’t like it, move everything again in the way that seems best to you.

Big point in favor: Numbers also allows you to save your spreadsheet as an Excel file to share with another person who has Excel. That way everyone can access the file.

4. Zoho Sheet

Excellent choice for small businesses, Zoho Sheet is free for up to 25 people!

One of Zoho’s biggest advantages is that it also archives your sheets in the cloud, so you can access your data wherever and whenever you want.

It offers functions including graphs and pivot tables, very similar to those of Excel and allows you to edit a spreadsheet with colleagues simultaneously, facilitating collaboration.

In addition, Zoho also provides visual graphics and tools for creating presentation-ready graphics.


The BIRT is part of the free alternatives that are particularly useful for data analysis.

Its resources include real formulas, pivot tables, hyperlinks and various layouts. The BIRT spreadsheet also automates and centralizes all production, maintenance and safety.

Created by The Eclipse Foundation, the download is done directly on the BIRT website, and is compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac. This makes access much easier. In return, it is only available in English.

6. Free Office 2018

Available for Windows and Linux, FreeOffice 2018 is a great option for personal or commercial use.

It is very similar to Excel, it includes formatting and pivot tables and compatibility with Microsoft Office products. Spreadsheets are clean and intuitive, as well as fully user friendly.

What is the best part? Totally free for an unlimited time and is available in Spanish. There is a paid plan, which offers more comfort and other functions, but nothing that is essential for working with spreadsheets.

7. Quip

Quip preaches collaboration at the highest level, so it can be a very good option to work with your usual freelancers teams.

Through Quip it is possible to organize documents, e-mails, meetings, spreadsheets, all in one place. They are more than 400 functions in total. Among the companies that make use of Quip to organize their teams are, among others, Facebook, Amazon and Dell.

The evaluation period of Quip is free, so that your team can experience all the functionalities and adapt to the tool. After that initial contact, the firm costs $ 30 a year for every five members.

8. Apache OpenOffice

As a free and open productivity package, the last option on our list is the Apache OpenOffice, which has already exceeded 50 million downloads.

This program is available in several languages, offers free software for creating texts, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics. An advantage for many users is that, after downloading, it is possible to use the program in offline mode.

A very peculiar feature of Apache OpenOffice is that it has an open source. That is, you can modify the program to meet the needs of your company.

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