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Personal Income And Expenses Spreadsheet

Personal Income And Expenses Spreadsheet – All the time we are worried because money does not reach us, we often complain about the “miserable salary” we receive, because we believe that it is not what we deserve, nor do we feel that it is fair with the functions we perform in our jobs.

Obligations and debts that generate stress are what often make us think that everything in life is money and that without it you could not survive, in fact, this asset has functioned as a payment method for many years in The world is the cause of the problems and at the same time of the happiness that are generated in many moments, especially when we improve our quality of life.

Excel Spreadsheet For Business Income And Expenses

Excel Spreadsheet For Business Income And Expenses

This method will help you save more than expected

In short, we are not going to analyze the meaning of money, let alone the true meaning of happiness and success, finally each person decides what they want and expect from their future, as well as determines their perception and belief of these. two or three words (money, success and happiness).

What will matter in this article is something that you can organize and work on it so that things are given as expected, or at least in an organized way as it should be, it is not necessary for you to be an expert in Finance, on the contrary, it is about you to understand basic concepts that help you manage your money, it is simply education and financial mentality.

Rigoberto Puentes, a specialist in Economic Sciences, advises in his book Finance for Dad and Mom that the first thing a person who is interested in managing their money should do is eliminate the phrase ‘I do not know what I did with my money’ from his head. because you have to know exactly what is happening with your funds; remember that “money is not only what we have in cash but all those amounts that are visible in the bank or in short-term placements” explains Puentes.

Tactics to make better use of your money

  1. Never spend more than what you earn: you do not need to know about economics to know it, it is a matter of simple logic, because if you spend more than you have, your income is quite large, you are always in a deficit situation and you will never get a surplus to save.
  2. If you have debts, pay them as soon as possible: the most important thing is that you do not let them accumulate, also because if you do not pay them off at the moment they are, the interest rate or arrears can go to the point of ruining it or making the loans untenable. payments of said loan.
  3. Set aside a small amount every month: ideally, take 10% of your income to make a savings, open a savings account or check with your financial institution for automatic ways of saving so that you do not have this money every month. Also, keep in mind that you should create an emergency fund that covers at least six months in case any eventuality occurs.
  4. Plan your financial goals: get into the role of entrepreneur, create a strategy with objectives, activities, actions and evaluation indicators that are aimed at a general objective or specific problem, and you will see how it can give a great result.
  5. Educate yourself on the topic of financial investments: take courses, go to seminars, read, talk with experts in the subject and learn at least about the basics, so you will not ‘put your fingers in your mouth’ of those who say they know how to cheat and cheat.

Personal Income And Expenses Spreadsheet

Personal Income And Expense Spreadsheet

Personal Income And Expense Spreadsheet

In order for you to have a more structured budget for your money, we put together some excel templates that you could use to control your expenses and income effectively, you just need to download them and start using them. The good thing about filling out a digital template is You can check it on your cell phone or on your computer, regardless of whether you are at home, at the office, traveling, or with your family and friends.

These are some of the templates:

  • To control expenses: it will allow you to classify expenses in items and periods. In it you can fill in the column of concepts all the obligations you have and the ant expenses of the month, from the share of the lease to the ounces of the day to day. In the first page you can see the summary of all the months and in the other pages you must write down the expenses for each month.
  • Calculate the domestic economy: in this template you will find that there is an independent sheet for each month, which has sections to put the expenses and income and a balance of them. In addition, you can see the summary of the year to compare how the evolution of income and expenses in the month and the year, finally you can see a graph that shows the economic growth you have had.
  • Control of income and expenses: with this template you can track expenses and income on a daily basis, yielding the values ​​at the moment of registering the concepts.
  • Control of expenses: some of the characteristics of the template are: monthly expenses are recorded by category and associated subcategory, each month shows the total expense, the maximum and minimum expenditure, has a report sheet where the values ​​of each category and subcategory by month, obtains totals and percentage of expenditure with opening by category at annual level and has a quality control alert that warns us when the totals do not match.

Expenses with credit card: it is a model that does not include interest so you can put only the balance you owe and how much you pay.

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