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Remodel Cost Spreadsheet

Remodel Cost Spreadsheet – What is remodeling? To understand it better, you must start from what do you want? and the characteristics of the property where you are going to do what you want, I explain; you have an apartment or a house with an age of more than 10 years, very well located (located in a place that has a constant appreciation) that deserves an extreme change and you want it to be your new home, you want a radical change, that contemplates a spatial redistribution, that achieves those ideal spaces to enjoy with your family and that respond to the tastes of each one, as for example, you have a house or apartment that has an old kitchen, closed, perhaps without lighting and located far from the dining room and the social area, then you know you want to change it to one that is open, integrated into the dining room, where you can prepare your children’s breakfast and talk to them about their school or friends at the same time …

Now, I tell you that the designs of 10 years ago or more, handled a concept different from the current one, so in the biggest of the cases a building with this antiquity requires an integral remodeling, later on in this article I will tell you about renovations or integral reforms.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator Excel

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator Excel

Concluding; a remodeling means re-modeling, re-forming, which is to reconfigure the modules or spaces that make up the home, as you explain in the example of the kitchen, so it can also be done with the rooms, the dining room, the bathrooms and all the spaces that make up your house.

This type of intervention strictly requires a vision of an architect and an interior decorator who visualize the integral project simultaneously, well it is my recommendation, so that you obtain the highest result of the investment that you are going to do and know in advance, how much it costs to remodel .

It is always better for an architect to confirm what type of structural modification you can perform, this effect ultimately influences the result of how much it costs to remodel, that gives you the best option for spatial distribution, among other things, and the interior designer complements that optimal distribution space with an appropriate choice of finishes that maximize the emotions and experiences you will experience in your spaces.

What is renovation?
Now let’s talk about renewing, this case will be applied when you want to change the finishes, colors, textures, perhaps the furniture while maintaining the shapes and distribution of the spaces, maybe you should make a minimum intervention of walls but minimal .

A renovation can be considered as an intervention that will give you the feeling of having a new house or apartment while maintaining spatial distribution.

Now I guess guess what you’re asking, which of the 2 I choose? to know how much it costs to remodel.


Look maybe it seems complex to think about giving new life to your home and the experiences that you live there, but with these principles I want to make it simple to answer your question. How much does it cost to remodel ?, well we were in if choosing a remodeling or a renovation, then It is truly simple and depends on 2 factors, first the budget with which you count and second, if the property allows you to make the spatial distribution modifications you want.

In addition there are 2 options as well;

Option 1: If the property allows modifications and accounts with the budget to do so, then the best option will be REMODEL.

Option 2: If you only have one of the 2 alternatives and you want a new home, then the best thing to do is RENEW, that is if you have the budget, but the property does not allow redistributing space, or you just do not have the budget but you want A home like new then RENEWS.

Well now, how much does it cost to remodel.
We have already told you what is the difference between remodeling and renovating your home, also depends on being able to do one or the other and the options to choose which one is the most favorable to you, now we will tell you what are the costs of reforming or remodel your home (maybe in a future article we will tell you the costs of renovation), this according to the level of intervention, because there are also different costs determined by the activities both architecture and interior design that you will perform in the property.

“… remember no matter the level of intervention it is always advisable that your project is approached from the architecture and interior design …”
Now we will talk about the costs for comprehensive remodeling of homes, that is, when you intervene all the spaces in your home.

Remember the values ​​that we are going to describe are based on our experience of more than 17 years and that as time has passed have been refined, are valid and we consider that they have a lot of validity, in fact you can have them in mind for the year 2018

Remodel Cost Spreadsheet

Remodel Cost Spreadsheet

Remodel Cost Spreadsheet

To not confuse the issue of values, for the moment we will tell you how much it costs to remodel, considering the 3 main levels of intervention to do it and that are the following:

Level 1: Basic (in our office we call it VIP)

It is the level that refers to making a small and partial reform of spaces, including a simple modification that does not affect more than 2 spaces of your home, whatever they may be; kitchen, bathroom, rooms, etc. and that they do not modify their distributions in relation to the other spaces of the house or the apartment.
Also in which a total change of finishes of the surfaces, floors, walls and ceilings is made, in addition you carry out a maintenance to the kitchen furniture, bathrooms and rooms without changing them.
You use finishes of mid-range and top quality, with guarantees and well selected, here it is important that you let advise well by the specialist in interior design and decoration that your project takes.
You will do basic maintenance to water, electricity, sanitary installations, etc.
It is a remodeling that allows you to feel that you are building your home, that it is new and you live in a place with the latest trends in materials and finishes.
BUDGET RANGE: Between $ 500,000 and $ 900,000 per m2, or between 220 to 390 dollars per m2. *

Level 2: Intermediate (we call it PLUS)

It is that intervention in which you make a more complex spatial modification and redistribution, you redefine the functioning and the behaviors that its inhabitants will perform. You renew many more emotions and you can adapt it better to your lifestyle.
Your interior design consultant will accompany you even in the choice of furniture, will propose the dining room, the living room sofa among other important elements of the decoration of your home.
In addition to maintenance on some furniture, you can also have the pleasure of changing the most important, ie the kitchen and perhaps the bathrooms.
You also make total changes of finishes conjugating them with the color palette of the furniture. This is one of Paola’s strengths in our projects.
Here you already make a change of a large part of the technical installations, perhaps not total but if important, which will give you peace of mind, since you will greatly reduce the problems of leaks and electrical overloads over time.
BUDGET RANGE: Between $ 900,000 and $ 1,300,000 per m2, or between $ 390 to $ 570 per m2. *

Level 3: Advanced (the most complex level and PREMIUN)

The architectural and interior design at its highest level, your passions represented in vibrant spaces, remodeled and re modulated, reformed, redistributed millimetrically according to your personality and that of your family.
Total change of finishes and furniture, you can give a taste of having greater exclusivity in accessories, appliances etc. Here you already aim for a high range of finishes.
You can make total changes of technical facilities and adapt them to current regulations, in addition to total peace of mind, it also gives greater value to your property.
The interior design will not leave any decorative element without contemplation, you will only have to move to enjoy and release the entirety of your home, to enjoy the smallest details.
Definitely this level we recommend it ONLY to those who are going to remodel to live there and directly enjoy their new house or apartment.BUDGET RANGE: $ 1,300,000 or more per m2, or $ 570 or more. *

* The values ​​estimated in this article, apply for remodeling in major cities of Colombia, and are based on remodeling for areas between 50 and 200 m2, for higher areas can decrease the cost per m2. However you can be sure of how much it costs to remodel.

You only have to multiply the area of ​​your property by the value of each level and you will know how much it costs to remodel
We hope that now you have a clear answer to your question so you can decide which one you want to make in your home.

If you want to clarify additional concerns about your REMODELACION project, you just have to contact us and with all your pleasure and without any commitment we can advise you so that you can make the best decision.

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Finally, what topic do you think we can include in our next articles? Tell us below

Hears! before I forget it, Paola asked me to tell you that the next article written by her, will have very important information to remodel a very special place in your house, guess what is it? so do not miss it

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